A busy time

As we wave goodbye to February, March arrives, not nearly as lion-like as billed. Thanks to the uniquely sheltered environment here in Blackburne Valley, Crabtree Barn, its gardens and the surrounding landscape enjoy a head start on Spring.

Our little corridor of wildlife is positively bursting with activity as life sets about the important business of budding, blooming and building nests.

Deer, foxes, badgers and rabbits, not to mention a multitude of birds, go about their business in the adjacent woodlands, occasionally venturing into the garden where they pose just long enough for that fantastic nature shot from the kitchen window.

Naturally we encourage our feathered friends to visit by keeping our bird feeders topped up. Amongst the regulars are Robins, Blue Tits, Goldfinches, Sparrows, Nuthatches and Wrens. The Greater Spotted Woodpeckers likes to do their own thing, whilst the the bigger birds such as Jackdaws, Jays and Collared Doves stake their claim on Crabtree Barn’s rooftop.

And then there are the Kestrels, looking all majestic as they hover effortlessly, searching for mice in the long grass.

For sheer entertainment value, the Crabtree squirrels remain locked in a constant battle of intellect with Wayne as he attempts to devise (unsuccessfully) the ultimate, squirrel-proof bird feeder. Maybe next year, Wayne 😉

A haven for wildlife.